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Hello. My name is Dar Archibald.  I have had a very full life. Most of my learning comes from living. “What can’t I do” is a good question. My commitment is to families. Any kind of family. Everyone wants to belong. And if you have no blood family you can still create a family right where you are.
One of my very first clients gave me a great title. “Life Crisis Advisor”. And I can do that. But truly, I am an artist and my medium is people.

I am also in the inquiry of what I want. What is it I want? I know what I want for the world. To have everyone be who they create themselves to be. I want all of the colours of the palette. And I don’t mean that literally. I mean, I don’t want all happy and peaceful people or all angry and cynical either. I want it all.  

I want to be understood. I ask myself,   “Now, how is that possible when I wonder if I even understand myself?”
Another friend told me, "the the best thing you can do for the world is to be happy, doing what YOU want to do." If you are interested in joining me on a journey into the unknown give me a call or send me an email. I am not cheap but I am worth it.  And I am a barterer at heart.
I promise that your life will be enriched when you choose to work with me.

Dar Archibald


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More About Dar

Welcome to ManifestLife. Where you will get to see right into the center of my mind and the thoughts that I have had on my journey in life.

Presently, I am searching for what is next for me. As one of my many teachers, Richard Bartlett said, “we don’t do research we do search.

So while I was searching, a group of us were together after a seminar, and I said I was looking for what was next for me. I told them I had begun training to get my mutual fund license. And I was struggling to keep myself interested in it. What I really want is to be a thinking partner. I have coached many people in the past and I know that I am great at it.

A friend suggested that I contact Tracy Piercy of MoneyMinding ~ results beyond the box. So I went to her website and put my name in for more information. I was sent an invitation to a Myth Busting call. And I knew even before I got on the call that this was the type of work that I wanted to do.

When I spoke with Tracy I said, “this may sound strange but what I am about is having creative/sexual energy acknowledged, honoured and celebrated on the planet.” And the more people I speak with the clearer it is becoming that to have it not only acknowledged and honoured but celebrated a few items of business would have to be attended to.

Namely Money. (Certainty - Variety) If money isn’t working in a relationship then the possibility that “being together” is, cannot be realized.
I have had many experiences that will contribute to my ability to share what I know about money. 

The next item of business is Sex. (Love - Connection) I have a lot of resources and they will be hand-picked just for you.  As in this area of life I have found that one size certainly doesn't fit all.
And the item that is often overlooked is ones ability to Express oneself.  Fully.  Ask me about it and I will show you what I mean.
I am a lifelong learner. (Growth)  So that is something that I will plan and allow for.

Imagine if your life worked around your priorities, the ones that you are clear what those are and especially the ones that you don't know are priorities for you.
And what if you had a community to support you in your future goals. Then what would be possible?

Yours in prosperity,
Dar Archibald