Sunday, May 22, 2011

Check out my new webpage and let me know what you think.

I have been thinking about doing business online for many years and just didn't know how.  Then I signed up for the Info Renegades course and got studying.  And while I was doing my research and having conversations with my "Customer Parade" I found a fellow who I was initially kind of rude to.  And then when I was reading his stuff I found so many typos ( I am a proofreader) that I had to tell him about them.   And we struck up a friendship and he offered to let me have his 5 Step Internet Blueprint and I looked it over for typos.  There were many.  And after many conversations about it. I decided to use it myself and see what I could do with it.

So what has come out of my using the 5 Step Internet Blueprint is my new website.  The URL is

Take a look and let me know what you think.  I am trying a new theme on it. And learning how to embed videos too.  It's all such fun.

If you want to learn how to take your business online too I have a gift for you.  Your own 5 Step Internet Blueprint can be yours by going here.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Expect the Best!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Have you Ever been rejected or feared being told NO?

I am thinking about my fear of asking for things.  And my hesitation to ask for things.  Here is an example of how ingrained this thought that I have that I "shouldn't" ask.

One day many years ago, I was having a La Leche League meeting in my home.  For those of you that don't know what that is it is a breastfeeding support group.

I was a young Mum probably 20 years old at the time.  And I had a bunch of Mum's and their babies and children in my home.  I was on a limited budget and I had one banana on my counter that I was "saving" for later.

One of the Mum's just walked up to my banana.  Talked to her child and said something like, "Do you want a banana?"  And proceeded to take my banana and give it to her child.

Now, to some people this wouldn't be a big deal.  But to me it was the utmost in breaking a rule.  The rule that I had that you daren't ask for anything and you for sure never just take anything from anyones home.  Even if you are starving.

So over the years I have gotten braver and have asked for things when I needed them.  But that fear of being told no is always looming in the background.

How could she just take my banana?  Do other people just do that?  Was she totally unaware of my financial situation?

Seeing this from my 43 year old perspective is interesting.  I now wonder why I had that rule. And this person obviously didn't have it.

What makes these rules so ingrained in our lives that we don't notice them until they are broken?

What rules have you noticed that you MUST keep?

Do  you have any rules like that?

May 2011