Relationship/Life Coach, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics

Life Coach using the Accountability to Power SystemTM

I don't like being "labeled" but some other professionals told me I "had to" pick a topic and so I picked the Relationship/Life Coach because when I told people what I do, that is what they said I was. But what I noticed was that specifically I could work with anyone to restore or create their Power.  I like Expression Coach.  But we will see what finally sticks.

Often in life we sabotage our own success. And we eat away at our own Power. What I do is assist people in seeing what those things are that has them unknowingly robe themselves of Power. And having them do some exercises that helps them to restore Power or if they feel like they have never been powerful, creating the experience of Being Powerful.

I have Coached many people and some of the results they produced were downright miraculous. I wish I had written them down. One thing was pretty consistent and that is that at the end of our time together, most of them knew themselves as Leaders in life. And the world could always use more of those.

I have done the MoneyMinding Mastery course as well as the MoneyMinding Advisor/Mentor course and  what I noticed was we came face to face with the already ordinary ideas that the masses have about making money.  And the outside the box thinking that we were doing was almost impossible to see from the masses point of view.  I thought it was brilliant to have both financial industry professionals and non-industry lay people in the same room.  What great sharing we did.  And by the end of the training we could see more of what was possible. We don’t want wealth only for ourselves, but for all people.  Imagine a world where people were present to having enough.  Families would be happy together with all that they needed.  All children would be fed and loved.

“Have you had your hug today?”  is what my Mum would say to me when I lived at home.  We all need hugs and we all need to be told “I love you.”

Belonging is one human need that if we are all aware of it and we offer it to others, no one will be left out.
Imagine a world that works for everyone.  Can you see it?

As a Relationship Coach I am aware that there are many things that can cause upsets in a relationship; and most are simple such as: Fears, Love, Expectations, Sex, Money or Rules that you may perceive have to be kept or have been broken. 

First of all there are your survival needs.  Here in the Western World most of those are pretty much handled.    Then, when those are taken care of, we often find ourselves creating mischief.  My husband and I did an Eros workshop on SaltSpring Island and one of the things we found out about is that Eros likes to create a bit of mischief.

In my experience as a coach for the last 10 years I have found that allowing people to be fully expressed in life, out loud with people they trust is life altering. It is only one method I use, so if full expression scares the bejebers out of you then it is something we can discuss at a later date.

I also have begun to incorporate Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics into my coaching.  

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