Saturday, January 8, 2011

Learning to love your Jiggly Bitts was a really fun class.

Today I got to spend 7 hours with a great group of women learning about the history of Burlesque. And Learning some tips on movement and makeup. I am wearing false eyelashes as I type. A total first for me.

I so enjoyed the day and found myself feeling more at home than I expected during our one minute show at the end of class. I never would have thought I would be as comfortable in front of people as I am with myself looking in the mirror.

I am sure I have Landmark Education to thank for that.
That said, I look forward to the next class where I will learn a little more. I have lots of things to investigate and check out. And I guess I should go and see the Burlesque movie now. And the next thing is to hire a personal trainer. I need to get my jiggly bitts to be a bit stronger. So I can stand and dance in those high heel shoes.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, is it really a new start?

It is a good idea to get on the wave. Sometimes. When everyone is thinking about what they would like to do differently this year.

This year I am choosing the Pay If Forward theme. I love that movie and I especially like it when Eugene surrenders to his own needs and desires and doesn't let his fear of getting hurt stop him anymore.

I have a new grandson. I don't know what his presence is going to ignite in me. Something I am sure. I am amazed at how big he grows and he is just 19 days old now.

I want a future that our kids are proud to be alive in. Facebook is changing the world. And so is Walmart. Cell phones. DVD movies. Online streaming movies. Technology is moving at such a rate is it worth buying any movies anymore . . . really.
Won't Blu-ray be a thing of the past and we will move onto something else?

One thing I am finally getting is that keeping things not only clutters up my life, but it is almost totally unneeded. I can share via Freecycle anything I no longer need. And when I need them, things will probably show up on Freecycle or somewhere else or I can buy it with the money I saved not paying for storage to keep the original item.

It has only taken me 43 years to figure this out.

Those are the things I am thinking today. 1/1/11 is over already. And we head forward into the unknown.

What will you create this year?