Friday, December 28, 2012

What is it with Girls?

My project for life is to have Sexual Energy Acknowledged, Honoured and Celebrated on the planet by  2022.  I will be 65 that year.

Since having invented this future many things have come to my attention.  Namely how mean the Female Gender is to one another.  I am reminded of this on a daily basis as I read blog comments and do research.

There is a quote from a drawing in my cousin's book I remember reading when I was young.

It said,

Yes there is a devil,
Of that there is no doubt,
But trying to get in us,
Or trying to get out.

Where does all this cruelness come from?  Is in in us already?  Or does it get cultivated there and if it does, how does that happen?

Female Genital Mutilation is often done to girls by the women in their community.

I thought I would need to direct my attention to the men on the planet.  If I removed the issues that men bring such as wife beating etc. then the women would be safe. But my thoughts were misguided.  Where I really need to put my attention is on the objectification of anything, be it animals, woman, men, children, cultures, races and/or points of view.

Some women who wear the burqa are sad for the American women.  Why are we (North Americans) the ones who show everything and cover our eyes (with sunglasses for instance)?

Why is it that the media allows women to be seen on escort sites as long as they don't show their eyes?  How is this helpful?  Prostitution happens.  And then we regulate it to make the women more like objects?

Does it all start with how we raise or children?  Is it this fear that has us question each other?  Mothers are frequently bashing each others choices as we raise our children. There are so many platforms one can stand on.  Anti-abortion.  Anti-circumcision.  Anti-vaccination. Anti-Trafficing (children being sold into slavery) Pro-Life. Pro-Gender Equality. Gay Liberation. Women's Liberation.  The list goes on forever.  I am not saying that there isn't a need for people to stand up for what they believe in. I am just saying that allowing people to have their opinions even if it differs from your own is a difficult, yet valuable thing.

Why do we continue to question the motivations of each other?  As I think I learned from reading Gary Zucav's books we often criticize that which we inhabit within ourselves. Here is what was recently posted on the blog of quotes I AM, WE ARE

"If you are unconscious of an aspect of yourself; if it operates outside your field of awareness, that aspect has power over you.

 I have come to the conclusion that until I find and heal the fears in me that I do not know about, and those that I do know about, I will not be able to contribute much that will not be part of the many challenges we face – such as brutality, poverty, drug abuse, child abuse, abuse of the environment, and abuse of women, to name a few.

 Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is."

 I am afraid of people who point fingers.  I am aware that those who are pointing are often more the problem that the people they are pointing the fingers at.

So on this journey of having my project be fulfilled in time.  I am often confronted by things I did not expect.

When I started I figured it would be simple.  Men would look after women.  There would be no more rape.  And there would be no little girls who grow up thinking that sexual touching is a normal day to day occurrence.  I thought the problem was men.

I thought that if I became a foster parent and did my part to make a difference with little boys, then I would make a small dent in this large problem.

But I think that it is far more invasive than I know.  And I must say, I am afraid to find out the extent of it.

And as I sit here I am reading the most recent news of a woman who was gang raped while riding the bus with her male companion who was also beaten and thrown from the bus.   She died.  The outpour of support from both men and women is heart warming.  Why does it take such travesties to create this kind of outpour?

I do not know the answer and I am still wondering how this project of mine will come to fruition.

Are you with me on this one?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How will Relationships Look in the Future?

I once went to Flocks, the bird shop.  They hand raise little birds and know everything you would want or need to know about birds.  I didn't own a bird but they sold the hay and pellets I needed for my guinea pig.

One day I got into a conversation with one of the fellows there.  I had just watched the Pebble and the Penguin movie and was struck by the idea of choosing a mate for life. In the movie the penguin gives a stone to another penguin to signify that they are bonded for life.  And as we spoke about it he said to me, "Well yes, they do mate for life.  But they also have intimate relations with other birds."  I was shocked and interested.

One thing I have found difficult to understand about myself is my love for people.  And what seemed to be a conflicting desire.

I find the way that society views relationships is one person committed to another person.  But in reality.  It is often not that way.

Can any one person totally fill another's needs?  Who would want that?  This isn't to say that committed couples are bound to have affairs at one point in their relationship because these needs for variety must be met sexually.  Sometimes these needs can be fulfilled mentally.  And I am reading a book called Opening Up.  And there are examples of many different relationships.

A V.  A man with 2 women or a woman with 2 men.  Or a W.  2 men with 3 women or 2 women with 3 men.  So many different combinations and they are all relationships.  Permanent or Temporary.  They can all work.

Here is another way to look at it.  A friend of mine told me of her homestay person who was from Japan.  And what she said about relationships is actually very male oriented but could be taken from either gender.  She said, Men get married.  That's like rice.  You have it everyday.  You are happy with it.  But sometimes.  Men like noodles.  It doesn't mean they don't like rice anymore.  Or that they don't want rice anymore.  Just means they like some noodles sometimes.  And that makes sense.  Doesn't it.

Problem is, in society, there are no role models for this kind of behaviour.  The tabloids are full of "She was caught cheating."  "He was seen with a younger woman" types of stories.  What if we could just be with who we wanted to be with.  That it didn't mean that we no longer loved our primary partner.  That love isn't finite.  It is abundant.  And the more you share it the more you have.

Now how to we navigate these waters?  That is something to ponder.

Until next time

December 5th, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Expressing Yourself - you are only getting older, there isn't much more time left. Get on with it!

So here I am, 45 years old.  And what moves me to tears is people expressing themselves.  Real authentic from the gut expression.

I have assisted many people to open the gates, so to speak.  And I have had assistance opening my own.

I was in a course a few years ago and I hadn't been able to express sadness.  Other people could get sad but it just seemed wimpy to me.  Lucky for me I had 2 coaches in my program who were being with me in the mirror, coaching me to acknowledge myself for all I have experienced and there it was . . . the flood gate opened and I cried like a klingon warrior.  And the sense of relief was beyond words.

That is what I want for all people.  To have whatever is inside of you, that you think you shouldn't say, or you are afraid to express.  To let it all out.  Speak your mind.  Now, this isn't giving people permission to "verbally puke" on each other.  That isn't what I am getting at.

Somewhere in your past you may have had an experience that had you make a decision.  And that decision has altered your life.  Here is an awesome video to watch about how this old decision affected this man.

Breaking Free from an old decision

And the part of this film I like the best is that part at the end where he is sharing with over 5,000 people what he did and that it is possible for others.  It is possible for you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving - is change really all that bad?

Today I am present to loss.  Too much of it.  And really I am not the only one who has ever lost anyone, yet at times, I feel like I am the only one who feels this way.  

It is like a two sided coin.  I never have one feeling that I don’t also have the opposite feeling along with it.

My family is shrinking.  My brother, husband and Dad all passed away long before I was ready.  Is one every ready?

And I have an every increasing family.  I guess I could ask myself the question is this bad or good?  Do I like it the way it is or not?  And if I do like it does that diminish the value of the relationships I once had?

I am thankful for my Mum’s neighbours and their friendly horses that we got to visit on this lovely sunny day.  And the chickens that my son and his wife have up the hill.  I really love just being with the animals.  I am thankful for my family and friends.  Each one a special gift to me.  And as this is the year I have declared for reconnection.  I will share the gifts that my friends have given me with each one of them. 

It is not something that comes naturally to me.  So this should prove interesting.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  

October 8th, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Manifestlife and Begin With Cleansing . . .

When I was only 14 days into my 30 day cleanse I had already lost 8 pds already. This is by far the most pleasant and easy to take cleanse I have ever used. Yummy Shakes, Delicious drinks. I never was hungry. On the contrary, it seemed like everytime I turned around I was taking another drink or having another snack. Very fun.
Check it out for yourself at my Manifestlife with Cleansing website.
Have any of you ever thought that your life was going in a particular direction. That you knew what was best for yourself. But it just wasn’t happening. And when you finally gave up that goal a whole new world became available to you?
Well that is exactly what is happening to me. At present I am a full time Foster Mum, and a Mother to my own children and a Gramma to 2 beautiful grandbabies. I love being a Mum.
I was just coasting along. Busy with babies. Not really seeing any openings of time in my future. And then one evening . . .
I got to assist my friend Deb at her presentation Journey to Balance and was doing a demonstration of Matrix Energetics. I don’t get many opportunities to practice this work as I am busy with the little ones. And this was a treat. At Deb's presentation she was focusing on the human body's ability to heal itself. She had lined up a few experts for us to learn from.
We got to experience Nia, a form of dance that is transformative in nature, and what a great thing that was - just what I needed to make my energy flow. And then it was my turn to practice and demonstrate what Matrix Energetics can do. We don’t label it in terms of "what it is" because in the labelling or explanation of it there are limits.
Matrix Energetics, I believe, is limitless. And I am frequently questioning reality. And while working on this woman, who was trained in Reiki, she was gracious enough to accept a new reality. What that looked like from your chair was a woman who appeared to loose her footing and collapse onto the floor. 
At the event a woman won the attendance prize of a coaching session with me.  And after seeing the Matrix Demonstration she requested a Matrix Session instead.  I said, how about we wait until after I go to my next workshop and I can do all three for you.  
If you have ever experienced this work it is amazing. 
At a Quantum Touch course in August I, with my good friend Justine, got to learn another point of view in the vibrational healing arena. To expand my vision I believe in never thinking that I "have it" or that I "know" anything.  I am always looking for what else may be possible.  With Quantum Touch there is a lot of focus or using the breath, having an intention and knowing that our Love is Powerful and has an Impact.  
After the weekend course, I had 2 sessions with my Mum 3 days apart.  After the first session she noticed a reduction of pain in her chest.  From a 8 (out of 10) down to almost not there.  And her breathing improved a little.  The second session was just yesterday and I will update you in another 2 days.
Until the next update.
Be well