Money Mapping - How to Get Where You Want To Go


Where to get started?  This is a good question. 
Start at the beginning.  
Where is that? 
Where are you going?  
Why do you want to go there?  
What will your experience be when you get there?

What we have been taught . . . 

       Wait, what HAVE we been taught?

Where did you learn what you know about money?  
Who told you about money?  
How do you speak about money?  

Ask yourself a few questions: Are you an owner or a renter?  Do you like to grow roots somewhere or be more like a gypsy?  Big family or small?

First off, its not about saving money.  It's not about doing the right thing. It's about having a little conversation with yourself and getting to the bottom of it all.  What do you really want?  And the most important question, WHY do you want it?

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