Working with me - What it looks like

Here is what I have for you. If you have noticed that life just isn't working for you the way it used to. Or your manifestation powers seem to be dwindling. Then I may just have the program for you.

It is my Power Generation Course using the Accountability to Power method.

For individuals the first 30 minute Session over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime is Free. (to see if we want to work together).

Personalized Coaching Packages are recommended (Length 4 months).

Committing to a 4 month Coaching experience takes something.  During the process many people feel like quitting or running or stopping or putting your head in the sand.  This is normal.  And we can slow down the process to something that is comfortable and workable for you.  Or if you are up for it we can turn it up and move with Velocity.  I like it when people see results that last.  I am committed to supporting you through whatever it is that is occurring for you in your life.

I am highly trained and continue to inquire into many methodologies.  I have added Robbins-Madanes Training - Strategic Interventions and Distinguishing Discourses  to the many tools in my Coaching toolbox. The newest addition using healing energy is Quantum Touch, a way to assist you in your magnificent ability to heal yourself.

As of November 2014 I  completed my training with the Rayner Institute to get my International Coach Federation Certification (ICF).  I love learning and to staying up to date in what's new in the coaching world.

I find that many people only need or want a small about of assistance with an aspect of their lives and either can't make the time in a month for coaching or are just hesitant to commit until they feel that I am worth it.  For those inquiring minds I do have a:

Little Bite $55 per session fee.

The Personalized Coaching Package is $1850 (4 months) or if you are not able to commit to that length of time the a la carte price is $500 per month (approx. 10 hours) and customized every month thereafter depending on the amount of time/my resources you would like to receive.   I am available late nights and weekends as well as custom designed hours that work for you.

Partial Scholarships are available for those people working with charity organizations or non-profits.

How coaching will look.
Step 1. Talk on the phone to set up a mutually convenient time.
Step 2. Talk in person, on the phone, or via Skype/FaceTime for 1 hour or less to determine whether working together would be a good fit.
Step 3. Choose, Work with me or Not work with me. We both get an opportunity to check this one. Win-Win.
Step 4. Set up the next call/meeting
Step 5. Be on the call or at the meeting at the designated time
Step 6. Go over the Initial Checklist (a baseline that we can measure success from)
Step 7. Set the Foundation, Frame of Reference, Focus and Take Away - Be straight with each other
Step 8. Take Actions (or not and look at why you didn't)
Step 9. Get great results (or if something goes sideways) get a Tune-Up and Keep Going!

You can do it!!

For Couples - The first hour is free as a "getting to know each other" interview plus 1 hour coaching session for $100.  After the first hour you or I can choose not to continue and there is no cost to you.

Further 1 hour sessions for couples are $100.

If any of these fees are not workable for you I also have a Time for Time option where you pay me your hourly wage for an hour of my time.

Are you ready to be the driver in your life or are you enjoying coasting along?

"When where you are is more uncomfortable than were you could be . . . you will move." TR

Call me when you are ready -

Dar Archibald

Direct Line - 250-889-2083
Email - call to get private email for session follow-up

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