I like to think of life as a whole. Not individual parts. And with that view I took a look at my environment. When my son was young, about 2 years old I found out about a company that offered family and environmentally friendly products for your inner (body) and outer (your home) environment. I heard that the indoor environment can be more toxic than the outside because of a lot of the popular cleaning products that people commonly use.

That company, Shaklee, has been a part of my life for the last 23 years. 
I love the cleaning products and that is what caught my attention 23 years ago. I have also used many of their nutritional supplements. Please let me know if you would like to clean up your home environment.

This year I was speaking with a long time friend and she told me that this summer was the first time she didn't need to take any allergy medication.  And for some reason, it was the right time for me to hear that and I said, "let me try some of that."  I originally tried it for its cleansing properties and I ended up going from 155 pds to 143 pds in 30 days with very little effort.  I was impressed and did a little more research and have found Isagenix to be a company with great scientific minds working on many breakthrough products for cleansing, a Brain Support and Sleep System and many others.  They are a company concerned about keeping your family safe from Genetically Modified Foods, and supports a dairy industry that lets the cows birth on a seasonal schedule and eat grass.  That makes happy cows and they add enzymes to digest these products in a way that really works with the human body.

You can see the products and some company information at 

Dar Archibald