Saturday, January 8, 2011

Learning to love your Jiggly Bitts was a really fun class.

Today I got to spend 7 hours with a great group of women learning about the history of Burlesque. And Learning some tips on movement and makeup. I am wearing false eyelashes as I type. A total first for me.

I so enjoyed the day and found myself feeling more at home than I expected during our one minute show at the end of class. I never would have thought I would be as comfortable in front of people as I am with myself looking in the mirror.

I am sure I have Landmark Education to thank for that.
That said, I look forward to the next class where I will learn a little more. I have lots of things to investigate and check out. And I guess I should go and see the Burlesque movie now. And the next thing is to hire a personal trainer. I need to get my jiggly bitts to be a bit stronger. So I can stand and dance in those high heel shoes.


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