Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trying to make decisions - one of those things we often avoid

So I am off to the races. Witteling down my niche. Am I a Customer Service Specialist, a Proof Reader, a Life Coach, a Relationship Coach, a Parenting Coach, a Financial Coach?

I had a conversation with my friend Julie last night and she has taught a system called MindTime

In a nutshell she said there are 3 kinds of thinkers. This is enough for the purpose of their program.

There are the Past Thinkers, the ones who research and are looking for the truth, the Present Thinkers, the ones who are the people who get stuff done and there are the Future thinkers, the ones who have a lot of great ideas and lack on the implementation. And people can also be a mixture of two or more of them. I know I am a Future Thinker and I can get things done but I prefer to be the one guiding and teaching others to accomplish their goals.

So I was asking my lovely community how do I specifically pin myself down to ONE area? And they made a valid comment. "Who says you have to be just ONE thing?" Well, my coach in a program I am taking, ( Info Renegades ) told me to pick one area.

So what if my area is Guidance, Support and Integrity. That is the area I am working in. And a few days ago I was introduced to Dereck Arreguin and he has a product that is really good. It is called the 5 Step Internet Blueprint. I have his video on my site and to get the Blueprint go to my MoneyMapping Site.

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