Saturday, September 14, 2013

Since January so much has happened . . . We opened a Coffee Shop

I feel like I am in a dream.  A good one, thankfully.  We recently purchased a coffee shop, Street Level Espresso.  One that my family and I have known about for a few years. It has had a few different owners recently and now we are lucky to call it ours.

We are officially Perogy Cat approved.  Which for some of you that may not mean much, but to others this is good news.  When the coffee shop first opened as Street Level Espresso there was the Perogy Cat on the cups.  The story my daughter tells me is that a friend of hers brought her a delicious Americano coffee and the name of the coffee shop was not on the cup.  Just this cartoon cat that said "shoot film not heroin".  Being intrigued she headed out to find out where this cat cup came from.
And she found one of her soon-to-be favourite coffee shops in downtown Victoria.  The cartoonist of the Perogy Cat is Gareth Gaudin of Legends Comics and Books.

Now it is our family business. We have many drinks to please all sorts of pallets. Of course our focus is on great coffee.  Traditionally served in-house as espresso, machiatto or cappuccino in little cups of heaven.   For the non-coffee drinker, we have a simple but lovely Street Fog (aka London Fog) and an assortment of teas sourced locally in Victoria and from Kamloops.  Our special Root Beer Tea (Victoria) is a favourite of many. We also have other delicious non-caffeinated bevys.  Such as our Enlighten Chai Latte.  You must try it to believe it.

We carry Coffee from Discovery coffee which is Roasted right here in town.  The smell of it brings customers through the door many mornings and we also have an amazing decaf for a later-in-the-day coffee that won't keep you up. Also delicious.

I could give you a run down of everything we offer in the store.  But best to come in and have a conversation with one of our Baristas and see what you would love to try.

Our idea is to have our little coffee shop become a hub of connection for many people in the city.

See you there soon.

Dar, Dave, Sienna and Matea


  1. Congratulations Dar, Dave, Sienna and Matea. Wishing you all the best in your venture and looking forward to partaking in one of your brews in the near future.
    Lots of love to you all.

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