Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Its that time of year again, clocks go back, one more hour of sleep.

We made it through our first year at the Coffee Shop.  The sales that used to make us feel so successful have become expected.  And things are running along quite smoothly.

I am writing a book, coaching clients to full self expression and getting what they want to out of life, being as supportive as I can to my mother who is in and out of hospital and trying to fulfill all the other roles I have in life.

And I am looking forward to one more hour of sleep.  I am sure there is more to life than sleep.  Being fulling alive in the world is great, and my experience right now is 18 hours days and being on my feet a lot of the time.

So where do I find time to nourish myself?  The Choir.  I've been singing with the choir for a little while now.  We had a concert last year, we sang at Rifflandia this summer and a new session just started.

I am also just completing my International Coaches Certification Training.  I sometimes wonder how much training one needs to coach.  I have trained for years now.  Since 2003.  I feel quite competent and there are always those doubts.  Or questions that I ask myself.   Should I use these tools?  Which ones would work best with this client.

I got to practice coach on my teacher today.  That was interesting.  I was aware that I was going in and out of "trying to do it right" and "being of service".

Eventually I think I would like to teach Coaches.  The thought of that excites me.  I will coach for a few years.  And enjoy my life a bit before I choose to pass the torch.

And I am also keenly aware that my grand kids are growing up quickly.  And I haven't spent a lot of time with them recently.  I guess life really does go in waves.  I am going to write a list of the things that I would like to exist or adventures to take in my life and then make a plan to have them happen.

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