Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Revelations for this week.  We are all just 5 year olds in adult bodies.

Now, I have been introduced to this idea before, but a few days ago I started considering it in a new way.

What if I approach all problems as I would with a small child.  It brings to any situation a level of compassion and care that might not otherwise be present.

It allows for peoples hearts to bust wide open and to have people really take on being fully self expressed.  And it gives me the space to take it on for myself.  To be really kind to myself.

I had a customer tell me about the inquiry into conflict resolution and the thought came to my mind that I should recommend 2 books.  People Skills and How to Talk to Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk.

Not the first 2 books that might come to mind when dealing with Conflict Resolution but 2 books that I think are invaluable when dealing with children.  And inside of my creating that we are all just 5 year olds in adult bodies then wouldn't it make sense to use books that relate issues for children as the best books to help deal with these types of situations in adults?

I don't know what else will come up for me this week.  If you think it would be useful to try this on for yourself I encourage you to do it.  And if you'd like to share in the comments below I'd love to hear what happened for you.

Until next time


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