Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthdays, Deaths in the Family and looking at what's next.

Well after writing the whole blog post I realized I had forgotten to add anything that had to do with the title. My husband, Dave and my daughter-in-law, Cynthia both have their birthdays this week. We have had 2 close relatives and a friend from high school die in the last 2 months.

The older I get the more I realize that I can not take one day for granted. And what I really want is to generate enough cash to start a movement. At first I wanted to abolish the monetary system. But then that may take me a while. And I have noticed that if you look under the surface, there already is a system that works without money. There is Freecycle. Where people who have stuff give it away. You don't have to be poor to get things and you don't have to be rich to give things away. What I notice is a degree of faith. That there will be the very thing you need when you need it. This is one of the places where I am present to abundance. What if the whole world worked like that?

There is another place where I notice this faith and a feeling of abundance, gratitude and love. It is with this group I have connected with. Possibly one of the the funnest groups of people on Facebook. It is in the group Social Media Buzz with Video. In that group we support each other. We teach each other. And maybe most importantly we Connect with each other.

I have found a great deal of inspiration and I have seen what the REAL new way of Internet Marketing is doing now. It is laid back, relaxed, personal and truthful. Nothing or not much hidden. Entire lives shared to the advantage of others. I could go on for hours about the group. Not to mention the fun at making the longest thread of replies to a post really late at night.

I have begun my Introduction Video and got stopped at the editing part. I have to find someone who can teach me. I am much better at seeing things in video to learn it. I see my perfectionism rearing its ugly head. This time it will not stop me. I will let myself look as silly as needed to get through sharing a video with my friends in my group.

The other things I am doing is investigating ways to make money.

Originally, before the house was renovated. I invented the possibility of my passions paying for the renovation. Well, it hasn't happened yet. But truthfully, I forgot to look at what I was passionate about until I started taking the Info Renagades Course shortly before Christmas. First thing to do for that course was to look at my Passions, Genius and Commitment.

After much self reflection I am fine tuning things. I love Coaching. I have done if for free for years. I did it in a program that ranked #1 in the world for registrations and guests. And I can see myself doing it for my entire life. What I have chosen so far is
Questioning Reality - Late Night Thought Coach
in the self development Niche. I like to help people who are struggling with themselves. People that want coaching to break through the barriers to success. To look at life from a paradigm they have not considered before.

So after choosing my Niche. I saw that I needed a way to Promote myself. To let people know who I am and what I am doing. A website. A beautiful platform with web mastering as easy as typing in a blog.

I found it in 2008. I played with it for a year. I created 5 web pages. And never told anyone about them. Until now.

My MoneyMappy Page is made with Profitmatic.
As the Chinese symbol for Luck is Opportunity and Preparation, I have the preparation done. And now the opportunity is here. Profitmatic is so fun to use. And has all the bells and whistles. I easily updated my site and found that they have added many features to it.

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