Friday, August 17, 2012

Manifestlife and Begin With Cleansing . . .

When I was only 14 days into my 30 day cleanse I had already lost 8 pds already. This is by far the most pleasant and easy to take cleanse I have ever used. Yummy Shakes, Delicious drinks. I never was hungry. On the contrary, it seemed like everytime I turned around I was taking another drink or having another snack. Very fun.
Check it out for yourself at my Manifestlife with Cleansing website.
Have any of you ever thought that your life was going in a particular direction. That you knew what was best for yourself. But it just wasn’t happening. And when you finally gave up that goal a whole new world became available to you?
Well that is exactly what is happening to me. At present I am a full time Foster Mum, and a Mother to my own children and a Gramma to 2 beautiful grandbabies. I love being a Mum.
I was just coasting along. Busy with babies. Not really seeing any openings of time in my future. And then one evening . . .
I got to assist my friend Deb at her presentation Journey to Balance and was doing a demonstration of Matrix Energetics. I don’t get many opportunities to practice this work as I am busy with the little ones. And this was a treat. At Deb's presentation she was focusing on the human body's ability to heal itself. She had lined up a few experts for us to learn from.
We got to experience Nia, a form of dance that is transformative in nature, and what a great thing that was - just what I needed to make my energy flow. And then it was my turn to practice and demonstrate what Matrix Energetics can do. We don’t label it in terms of "what it is" because in the labelling or explanation of it there are limits.
Matrix Energetics, I believe, is limitless. And I am frequently questioning reality. And while working on this woman, who was trained in Reiki, she was gracious enough to accept a new reality. What that looked like from your chair was a woman who appeared to loose her footing and collapse onto the floor. 
At the event a woman won the attendance prize of a coaching session with me.  And after seeing the Matrix Demonstration she requested a Matrix Session instead.  I said, how about we wait until after I go to my next workshop and I can do all three for you.  
If you have ever experienced this work it is amazing. 
At a Quantum Touch course in August I, with my good friend Justine, got to learn another point of view in the vibrational healing arena. To expand my vision I believe in never thinking that I "have it" or that I "know" anything.  I am always looking for what else may be possible.  With Quantum Touch there is a lot of focus or using the breath, having an intention and knowing that our Love is Powerful and has an Impact.  
After the weekend course, I had 2 sessions with my Mum 3 days apart.  After the first session she noticed a reduction of pain in her chest.  From a 8 (out of 10) down to almost not there.  And her breathing improved a little.  The second session was just yesterday and I will update you in another 2 days.
Until the next update.
Be well

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