Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally feels like things are coming together.

I am stretching myself.  I am taking a Coaching Course to update my skills as well as have something that people can understand what it is.  You see I have taken Courses with Landmark Education for years.  And I believe it is top notch education.  And there are no diplomas or certificates with any of the programs.  So therefore here I am once again, having learned a valuable skill and not having anything "tangible" to show for it.

I saw Tony Robbins in a video, marketing his new Coaches training with Cloe Madanes, and I was impressed with his promotional videos.  And now that I am taking the course, I find myself needing tissues to watch all of them.  They are the longer versions of the promo videos.  What I am moved by is the amazing possibility of people to get over their issues and repair their relationships.  It is something that I have seen in Landmark Courses also.  But not something I see in typical situations in life very often.  

I am also putting myself out there on the internet.  Taking a course on Information Marketing and sharing what I know and what I have experienced with more people than I could ever reach in person. 

Both of these things have caused me to really stretch myself.  I am beyond just being comfortable.  I feel like I am on the edge.  And the best coaching (I should have given myself) is to really get related to what is so.  

In my finances, I want to invest in this great new company.  It is a clothing product for men.  So I can't really appreciate it personally.  Although all the men in my house are wearing them and loving them so I want to invest as much as I can. 

Problem was that I was not sure about my financial situation.  And when I am unsure I am unable to act. Well I guess I could act but that would only cause me more anxiety.  So I am in the process of getting really clear about where the money goes.  When it comes in and how it is all working.  So far I have a handle on all the bills that come in.  The Mortgage, Hydro, Cable, Water, now what there is to do is get really clear on the day to day spending.  

Here is a challenge for my readers.  If you choose to take it on, 
Write down all your bills and when they are due.  If you want you could even put them in a spreadsheet and track them.  

And on a large piece of cardboard or in your spreadsheet, you could put all and yes I mean ALL of your day to day spending in there too.  You will see what things you could cut down on.  And what you really like to have and need higher income to be able to continue to do comfortably.  

Do this for the whole month and let see if your purchasing behaviour changes at all.

Dar Archibald

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