Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Expressing Yourself - you are only getting older, there isn't much more time left. Get on with it!

So here I am, 45 years old.  And what moves me to tears is people expressing themselves.  Real authentic from the gut expression.

I have assisted many people to open the gates, so to speak.  And I have had assistance opening my own.

I was in a course a few years ago and I hadn't been able to express sadness.  Other people could get sad but it just seemed wimpy to me.  Lucky for me I had 2 coaches in my program who were being with me in the mirror, coaching me to acknowledge myself for all I have experienced and there it was . . . the flood gate opened and I cried like a klingon warrior.  And the sense of relief was beyond words.

That is what I want for all people.  To have whatever is inside of you, that you think you shouldn't say, or you are afraid to express.  To let it all out.  Speak your mind.  Now, this isn't giving people permission to "verbally puke" on each other.  That isn't what I am getting at.

Somewhere in your past you may have had an experience that had you make a decision.  And that decision has altered your life.  Here is an awesome video to watch about how this old decision affected this man.

Breaking Free from an old decision

And the part of this film I like the best is that part at the end where he is sharing with over 5,000 people what he did and that it is possible for others.  It is possible for you.

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