Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Being an Orphan. Feelings and wakeful nights

My mum died a week ago today.  At about 3 am. I've been waking in the middle of the night since then.  I'm getting used to it.  
So many things to do.  I'm glad we had made a lot of arrangements ahead of time.  Representation agreements, power if attorneys beneficiaries.   Executors.  Or  one of the places that still use a gender chosen title, Executrix.  
But there are still so many questions.  I'm not 100% sure she didn't want to be cremated.  So she will be buried.  I did know she wants to be laid to rest beside her son.  
I feel strange.  As I have after the death of my brother, My first husband, My father, and now my mum.  
I'm just taking one step at a time.  Friends offer to help.  I need to create a list to see what kind of assistance we will need.  Thankfully we are a tight family and we all like to be together.  

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