Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We Are All in this Together

Seems to be my theme for this year.  

I watched the Film Humans and realized that the life we live in North America is bulloney 
We best appreciate chocolate, coffee, inexpensive clothing and everything else we get to consume off the hard work of people that are paid very little.  

That isn't the whole problem.  The people working for small amounts of money are also working 12 hrs a day or longer.  Being treated with disrespect from their employers.  

Relationships are not equal in many areas of the world.  And somehow we just turn a blind eye to it all 

I wonder, what makes their lives less important than mine?  What makes their happiness less important than mine?  


That's all it is. 

So tonight.  Be ever so thankful that you were born where you are.  And when you drink your mocha, really appreciate all the work that went into your opportunity to enjoy it. 


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