Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After all that . . .things are underway. . .

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Tomorrow morning the Engineer is coming and the septic guy to check everything out and to give us the go ahead. We have had many set backs. First with the financing (4 weeks behind to begin with) and then with the Building Permit. Come on Saanich, Langford is winning on those.

And all things are underway. We have done what we could while we were waiting. We spoke to our Cabinet and Countertop guy and went and did our research and picked some colours and surface types. Our budget is $60K less than we originally planned so we are having to cut some corners but not on things that will be permanent. We will reuse many things and we will have a few focus items but it will look expensive without being expensive.

I haven’t written in my blog because I didn’t have any good news. That is probably not the way to go with a blog. I could be sharing with you all of the experiences and then you would have access to what I generated to get through all the hard parts.

If you were standing on my shoulder, what you would have seen me do was cry. Pray. Provide service. Be available to provide more service. Enjoy my birthday week. Have great conversations. And finally accept what is so. That the project won’t be done before the 23rd of August. I ask for miracles. And sometimes I even expect them. This is one of those times where I have to look at what I really want.

What I really want is a lovely, welcoming, home that will be used as a gathering place for all in our family and guests. I want it to be safe and healthy and I really don’t want them to rush. So just because we are only in this rental until the 23rd of August doesn’t mean that I am going to rush. We will figure out another place. If we can’t move partially home. Which is what I would like. I think. I may want to just put some stuff at home and still stay away until it is mostly complete.

Dave is wondering if it would be worth it to hire someone at $9/hr so that he can come and work on the house to save us $25-$35/hr.

It may be an opportunity for Sienna to gather up a lot of extra money for herself.

I am managing the financial side of operations. I am only a bit nervous about that. I know money needs to be spent, but I don’t like spending it when I am wondering if I may need it for something else. I will be getting a detailed budget this week sometime and that will put my mind at ease. Or at least that is what I am expecting.

I was walking around the rental house today and for the first time since I moved here I felt like I was at home. I guess as they say it takes about 30 days for anything to become a habit. The one thing I miss the most is the family dinner table. We left it at the other house because there just isn’t any room here for it.

I am content. And excited about the future.

Thanks for reading my blog. Until next time.

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