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A newly invented life and the ending of the project

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Well we had our 8th anniversary on September 22 of this year. And I was quite sure that how it had been going recently wasn’t the way I wanted it to continue.

Now you can say that most of our behaviours were due to stress of moving, living in a tent, not having control over our environment, building a new house and not always agreeing on everything and more. But excuses are just excuses or validations some may say. And what I have found in life is that there is ALWAYS something going on that has you not be who you are.

So in the face of all this we reinvented our relationship. And it is so nice now. The magic that is available when I accept that something isn’t working and I declare it out loud. Not just to myself in my head gave us an opportunity to invent the relationship the way we wanted. And neither one of us is totally clear on what it looks like.
We also were at our Success Seminar with Landmark Education the day after our anniversary and the sharing that evening was pivotal. One fellow was sharing about how people can’t tell him what to do. And how he gets when they try. And how he relates to his wife and the impact that has and Dave and I got to discuss what we had heard from our own points of view and that was really helpful.

When I say it is magical I really mean it. Because other than declaring that is wasn’t working the way it was, I can’t really say that we DID anything different. It is just really nice now.

So that is what has been happening in my relationship. And the physical space we are in is interesting. I am back at my parents house with all my people. There are 6 of us in total and sometimes my son’s girlfriend has the little boys she Nanny’s over aswell.

And we have added two dogs to the one that is already here and that has been interesting to say the least.

Money is an issue when you are building and as we are coming to the end I can see the money may not make it so we are looking at options and what would be best for us.

This throwing your hat over the wall to get something started is probably the only way I could have done it. I don’t think I could have done a little phase here and a little phase there. And in the end, doing it that way would have cost a whole lot more.

So if you want to see some pictures, you will have to request them. Or if you are my friend on Facebook you can see for yourself.

This week they redid the driveway. So now I can’t pull right up to the house. Which I knew would be happening anyway. But the change is pretty amazing and it isn’t finished and who knows what it will look like when finally done. So that is the thing that has me want to go to sleep this week. Sometimes is it fun and sometimes I just want to sleep until it is all over. But really . . . I don’t want to miss a thing. No matter how uncomfortable it is to see.

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