Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Waiting is the hardest part . . .

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So here we are, it is July 27th. We have been in the rental house since June 23. When we thought construction would begin shortly thereafter. And at this point we still don’t have a building permit.

Dave and I went to the house under construction yesterday to take the flooring up so that it is closer to being ready. We have arranged to stay at my parents house while the construction gets underway. We thought it would have happened by now. Even my Construction crew thought things would be underway by now. Saanich laid off all but 2 inspectors. I guess they thought they thought there would be a slow down in construction in Saanich but that hasn’t happened here at all.

So we do what we can and wait patiently. I may go into the Municipal Hall and find out where we are at and when we can expect to get going.

Now I can focus on MoneyMinding and educating people about how to manage their everyday spending.

And I will be reviewing the Landmark Forum the first week of August.

So that will keep me busy. So maybe I will sleep better.

Til then,


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