Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Once a Friend, Always a Friend

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I had this conversation with my husband last night and this morning. That I relate to people like they are my friends if I have EVER been friends with them. And he said, “Not everyone relates to people like that!”

It really never occured to me. I just think that all people are my friends. I have a much nicer life that way. When I meet people, I automatically think they are my friends. Especially if they are friends of people I already know.

I guess I am different that way. I almost seem a little frozen by the realization. Like a big WHAT!?!.

So in terms of me hiring people to work on the house. Who do I pick but my friends. Now are they the best ones for the job? Not neccesarily. I have to go and take a look at the work they have done. And then choose someone that is also going to give me a good deal. People do need to make a fair wage. And I am willing to pay what they are worth. That doesn’t mean I can afford to pay them what they are worth.

I am hoping that good karma can go a long way here. Can I actually get all that I want and have it work for the people doing the work; that they have the experience of being valued, and that I have the experience of getting a great deal?


I think that can happen. Now to keep having those conversations and see what we can manifest here.

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