Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blessings and Desires

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Who could know that it is harder to list your desires than your blessings.

What is it that I really want? I want things like a world that works for everyone. That includes me. I want the world to work for me too.

What is possible in the area of wealth building. What is your desired amount of income? How will you get it? What ways can you see that happening?

The most important thing is to ask the right questions. That is what I remember most from the MoneyMinding training. Also the other answer to any question about finances and what you do with them or if you need insurance is . . . .

It depends.

Call me if you are interested in finding out about what type of lifestyle you would like to see in your future.

From our MoneyMinding Mastery course we created an Investment Consortium to create wealth from $100 seed money. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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