Tuesday, September 14, 2010

With an Eye on Integrity Miracles Happen!

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Well, I really am amazed at how my life is going. While I was coaching a program yesterday I heard about saying YES to life. And I have noticed that I have been saying YES to life. I am subscribed to the Abraham-Hicks Facebook group and get daily messages. I want a renovated home. I also have it on TUT - Thoughts Become Things and I get messages from them about my new renovated home. And I listened to the audio of the Science of Getting Rich and I heard that all things are formed by thought. I want my home renovated and in the space of my clear mental image it will be created. I don’t know how it will be created. And I am on an emotional rollercoaster. I went to the bank and brought in my financial picture. And with my income alone we can not get enough money to renovate. But with the business’s income it may be possible. So we said yes to life and the accountant is doing the yearly financial reports in a way that they bank needs to make the call about the loan.

I have taken a step. The very first thing to do was to have the thought. And from the thought came some actions. And each time I take an action, I see the next step to take.

[I don’t really know what is expected of me when I speak with the builders. Do I have to call them back and tell them that I am still looking and what if they are tentatively keeping that time for me?]That is the hardest part of the job for me. And I wish I were a man in that way sometimes. They don’t seem to worry about that kind of stuff. Or is it all a pretense? Hmmm.

I have spoken with two contractor/builders and got similar reports. One is a closer friend and was a little more hands on.

Then my heat wasn’t working so I called my friend Rob and he came and worked on it. It needs some repairs and really needs a whole new interior system. He knows we are thinking about renovating and with a larger house we may need a larger system to manage the two floors. Keeping the future needs of the house in mind he is wondering about what we can do in the mean time as a compressor has stopped working. So he told me about a builder that he likes. A fellow that can do all the work, has great relationships with the fellas at Saanich, which is where we would be getting our permits from. And he pays his trades and doesn’t go to court over things. Seems that a lot of jobs end up in court. That was something I didn’t know. And I didn’t know that I didn’t know that. I wonder how many other things I will learn while going through this process.

I am liking how calm I am in this whole process. I have my Money Merge Account that is keeping me on track. Well it only keeps me on track if I use it. And I am using it. I am happy about that. I also see how I won’t be in debt forever.

And then there is Dave’s car. For the last few days I had been seeing BMW’s all over the place. I was actually amazed that there were so many. And then Dave tells me about the BMW that he wants. And the rest is history on that one. I can’t let the cat out of the bag as he hasn’t shared his news with anyone yet.

Today my blog occurs like a bunch of chatter. I will publish it and then I will come back in a few hours and see if I want to change it. That’s it for now.

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