Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An update and the next project

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Well I spoke with a woman in charge of the Safe Babies Program. Seems I will have to be a regular Foster Parent first. We will go to the next information night and while we are waiting. We are redoing out living room. We are taking out the yucky old carpet. And putting in laminate floors. We will have a new love seat and chair and a big TV with a 47″ flat screen LCD. I am so excited about the project. I felt a little deflated after speaking with the woman in charge of the Foster Program but after I got over that I am appreciative that we had such an in-depth conversation. I got straight about the timeline. I can and probably will be a foster parent for a long time. And there really isn’t a rush for me to jump into anything. I will provide respite and relief first to see if being a full time foster parent will work with my family.

So while we are getting ready for that, the other thing that we want to do is to go on a family vacation. We really haven’t been on one for about 12 years. That is far too long to wait between vacations. We are looking at Disneyland, Disney World, Hawaii, San Fransisco and who knows where else we may end up.

To go on a family vacation we need to find employees that can handle everything while we are away. So that is another thing on our To-Do list.

MoneyMinding and Landmark Education and our Church are great structures to keep us humble, and on track.

Till next time

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