Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just when you think it will never change . . . things move.

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Thank goodness for little nudges sometimes. We actually got a lot accomplished and I have a glimmer of HOPE. I think it is funny how I always think that things will never work out. Well I can’t even say that “I” think that. But it is thought. And when improvement is seen I am both surprised and relieved.

The storage shed got opened and we went through most everything that was in it I even found my Tom & Gerry figurines. (Michelle Davis gave them to me on my 12th Birthday)

I love how quirky I am. Attaching meaning and significance to dolls and toys. I hope I never grow up. I suppose at times the grown up thing is required. And I can rise to the occasion. And thankfully it isn’t required all that often.

So goes another day,


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