Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When is enough, enough? What about a World that Works for All?

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Today I am reading about more bailouts and the unfair way that candidates for the bailouts are being chosen.

What if we could have a world that worked for everyone? What if it wasn’t just that the rich looked after each other and the poor got left out. The poor in the country I live in, Canada, are very resourceful. There was a law passed that they could put up tents because the housing wasn’t available for them. And although it has caused its own set of problems the tent users DO look after each other.

What if we all lived like that? What if we were all on the lookout for our fellow human beings? Is it possible or will there always be people who take advantage of whatever is offered? People who go to pot luck dinners or people to attend banquets frequently do learn that you can’t take a lot of stuff the first time. You wait until everyone has had something and then you can come back for more if there is any.

There must be a way for us to be self governing. Clearly absolving ourselves of all responsibility is not working. When we can blame it on someone else we usually will. It takes a remarkable person to be wholly responsible for themselves. And an even more remarkable person who is responsible for more than themselves.

When I went to high school there was an accident that happened on a Ski Trip. And the effect it had on our community was felt by all. I don’t know if an accident HAS to happen to have people pull together and I hope it can happen without one.

But Hope is not enough. We all need to have the intention of a World that Works for Everyone. That includes those people that you may not like. Even they get to have the world work for them. How do we measure it? How will we know that it has arrived?

Surely all the bailouts are not getting us any closer to the goal.

First off, we need to declare that it is what we want. And I am declaring it here. I want a World that Works for Everyone. That means I can give as much as I can and that I also have what I need.

Those are my thoughts for today. Until next time.

Dar Archibald

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