Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The end of 2009. Why are we glad to see it go?

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Here we are at the end of 2009. My family members have had all sorts of health issues. We renovated our house. Someone broke into one of our cars in the driveway. And tried to break into another. The economy has done a dance that has had many scrambling for safety. All in all it has been quite an eventful year.

I am looking forward to 2010. With our home opening up to Foster Children and completing the last things that need to be worked on. Of course we could just do the Zen of Home Renovations. I actually like that idea.

Take our time.

This year I am going to figure out how to use VictoriaFreeCycle and offer all of our stuff that we don’t want but still think is useful to other people. It is a system that I see really works in the world I want to live in. Why not give your stuff to someone else who needs it and then ask the Universe for what you need and see what comes.

I asked for bunk beds and my friend found them and delivered them too. For Free!!!!

Now we just need some mattresses. But what I really want is to go to the Foam Store and see what kind of a deal they can give us for the mattresses. We need three. One for the crib and two for the bunk beds.

So many things to plan. And I am relishing my time to myself. When I can just get up and go, anytime I want.

The good thing about being a full on parent this time is I know how it goes. Kind of anyway. I have never had the kids we will get. But I do understand the rhythm of it all. I am also looking forward to focusing more on our home. Now that it is big enough for us. We can have a big garden and eventually we will fence it all so we can let the dogs run and the kids will be safe in the yard.

Oh, the next thing on my wish list is some big swings. Really big. Probably three of them. Two for adults or bigger kids and one for a baby. We love to swing. And those seats they put on swings now are hip crushing. So maybe we will get wooden flat ones. Oh it just gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

Well, looking back at 2009 our family did very well. We managed two moves and living kind of outdoors for the last three months. And we were in pretty good spirits. And we are very thankful for all we have now.

Here is to a great 2010. Blessings to all,
Dar Archibald

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