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See what I manifested now.

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It is October 22 today and I have been at my new career for two days now. We haven’t quite chosen a title for me. The first title was Director of Sales. And I like to direct so that may be the one. And I am also focused on Customer Service. It is one of my favourite topics. And that will be sorted out in due time.

What I did notice about myself is that I am taking action all over the place. My husband and business partner Dave has completed our taxes and is now left with the job of filling my position. I am working almost full time at MoneyMinding. It looks like full time and it feels like full time but I am not ready to say it is full time.

Remember, life is created with your word. So speak what you want.

I have a great website that I have created. It isn’t live yet but it will be soon. I am quite impressed with myself that I took on that task. Funny how when I am charged every month there are decisions for me to make. Questions I asked myself were, “Am I committed to this?”, or “How long will it take me to make this a money making venture?”

Most of the things I am paying money for monthly are possible money makers.

My words of wisdom this month are to be in action. Any action. And the first action you could take would be to read the Science of Getting Rich. There is also a great book called the Science of Being Well. And from the titles you can see that Getting Rich probably requires some doing. Whereas Being Well doesn’t really require anything.

I signed up as an agent for a company called UFirst. I will be an agent for their product called the Money Merge Account. And I will also be a client. I am going to use the software to arrange my finances to pay off my debts in record time.

I have also increased my income. One of the steps in the MoneyMinding Makeover Program.

I have links The Science of Getting Rich and UFirst and MoneyMinding on my other site. I will publish it here as soon as it is done. For now, if you are interested in finding out more, you could call or email me.

250-889-2083 cell


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