Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Next step . . . still moving

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Well this morning I did something I hadn’t planned on doing. I watched clips about Gaza on UTube. I cried. Why do people have to hurt each other so? Why can’t we really BE for each others success. Why is it the way it is? Then I had the opportunity to see things from many points of view. I watched about rapes in South Africa. And someone actually interviewed the rapists. I got to see that they believed that what they were doing would make their chances of winning at war greater. They are very superstitious and they use a magic powder and raping a woman makes things work better.

It is still an objectification of another human being. But this thing doesn’t only happen in South Africa. There are people that you or I will stand beside in the store who beats their wife, who tortures their children. All for a good reason. All in the interest of something.

To interupt this conversation. . . to instill a bit of heart into the point of view. . . Is it possible? Do they want it any other way?

I cried this morning. For the people of the world that don’t sleep feeling safe. That don’t get hugs and kisses everyday from people who love them. For those that aren’t heard.

What good is it making sure the people of the world are fed when we kill them. Well fed dead people. That is not what I am after. I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what I can do. All I know is that the other night I sat in a room with a bunch of people who have given themselves to the world to be of service. To make a difference. And what I was present to was love. We love each other. Even if we irritate each other. Love is still present. And when I let myself be in the experience of the quantity of love present . . . it is almost overwhelming. I like it. And I have not been able to stay in the presence of love for any quantity of time. It takes intention. There is a way to live that is by default or there is the life that you intend. Designing your life, like I think I am designing my life is a creative act. Even if it never becomes real in the world, living into the future that I am designing has me live a certain way. I am intending a world where we all value each other.
Maybe that is all I need to say. Is there anything else I could say that would make a difference?

A world that works for everyone. Each and every, valued and known.

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