Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Am I really going to get what I want?

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Can I imagine actually seeing the future? Exactly how I want it. I can see it now. The house expanded and repaired. With new windows and sliding glass doors. A kitchen that rivals any restaurant. A movie and games room. Extra bedrooms for friends to come and stay over and have pajama parties. A lovely lawn with a gazebo and outdoor bar-b-que. A huge library with tons of books. And banks of computers and Cars and maybe even a boat.

And I can actually see that I may get that. Like it is really possible. Not like something I am hoping for. But actually possible.
Dave and I are preparing for a new adventure. We must learn new things. And the one thing we haven’t really tried before is asking lots of questions. With teams of people. This will be fun and a little different.
And we have a great friend who is giving us advise. (David, that would be you). And I am confident that we will enjoy the ride. Nothing else to write tonight as I don’t know what will happen next.

Until next time.

Dar Archibald

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