Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh my . . . How Time Flies

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I went to my second mandatory class for Foster Parenting today. I can see my promise being developed in my mind. How will I make a difference with people? I will help them to pay off their homes more quickly than they thought possible, which will make them happier people. And if those people happen to be parents then their happiness will definitely make a difference for those kids. And for those kids that their parents aren’t doing so well, our family will bridge the gap and create a loving, accepting environment for them to learn healthy attachments in. And to fully express who they are in the world.

And I will also provide Relationship Coaching to people who would like to create what they want in their lives together. To make possible the fulfilment of their dreams.

And I will watch a world transform before my very eyes. A world where people watch out for each other. Where we will look after each others children. Where there is always someone ready and waiting to listen to all you have to say.

Where we make music together. And sing.

That’s the the future I am creating today.

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