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Canada Day was multi-fun!

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MoneyMinding is the best vehicle I have found to access what I really want in life. After looking at what I really wanted in my life and where I really wanted to go I found out that home is where I really want to be.

I love working downtown. I love my Lottery Booth customers. I enjoy the work I do. And I only want to work a few days a week. And I want to be a Foster Mum. For the Safe Babies Program. It will be an intense job but it is something I think I will love to do. I still have children at home that want me around. Lucky me. And I want to be useful. And I am great with little babies. And having babies in the house while I have these other hands to help me will be wonderful. When we talked about it at home I never even heard anything negative about it from my family. They even started to think in terms of when the baby is here.
To do this we will need to change some things in the house. We will definitely need to change the flooring. That will make it cleaner in here and easier for us to use all of the space we have. And Dave told me that our Accountant is paperless. I want to go paperless too.

Another thing we realized is that to stay home we need a larger income. And a few renovations will be needed to have a little baby in our home. But for now we will manage with what we have.

I am creating affiliate websites, which I can do from home. In fact if you want to support me in this journey click on one of the links and if you like what you see sign up and that will help create the income our family needs. It may not be much but if you tell your friend you found something you liked on this website or my other one that isn’t up and active yet then they could help too. We can all make a difference in life. All we need to do is look for what is wanted and needed. And if you can’t do it, you may be able to support some who is doing the job.

Another way to get income is to help my Dad to sell his stuff online. (Which in turn will make my Mum very happy). My Dad had two workshops, three actually. The largest one is over 3000 square feet large. He is 80 years old this year and would like to sell his things in a new way. He has always schlepped his stuff to garage sales or swap & shops but that entailed a lot of lifting and he isn’t physically up to that anymore. I also want to spend more time with my parents. I enjoy spending time with them and my Dad is also super with newborn babies. He always could make the fall asleep in an instant. Must be his slow steady heartbeat. So there are many reasons why this is the way for me to go.

I am still available for coaching and advising although until I get into fostering I won’t know how much time I will have for it. I guess only time will tell. This is what I have been formulating in my mind. The whole picture of What’s Next for me.

So let me tell you what we did next. My husband, Dave is in the Money Seminar with Landmark Education and he created a project. He wanted to sell glow sticks at Canada Day. He went down to city hall to find out about licenses to sell and bought the stock and we got a float and we went to work.

It was initially the boys and the girls. I was with the two girls and Dave was with the two boys. And we did very well. We were softy’s and sold our product for less than we originally planned but it was such great fun to provide families with something that they could use and make their kids happy with at the same time.

I have been a participant in Canada Day with my own little kids many times and bought the glow sticks off of people for $4 and $5 per glow stick. We were selling them for $3 or 2 for $5 and when the night was half over we were selling them to some big families for 5 for $10. The numbers aren’t really the point. What we all learned was that we like to be together. We work well as a team. And we had fun and learned about selling. Marketing. Advertising. And customer relations. We had one girl that wasn’t happy with how her glow stick was glowing and we took it back and gave her new one.

We had an experience with requests. One girl asked if she could just have one and we said,”no.” and she said some words that made me think she didn’t like my answer.

We had other people say they didn’t have enough and we took what they had as payment.

There were many lessons we learned selling a product as a family. We are all grateful for our experiences. I don’t know if we will do it again next year. If we do maybe Dave will expand his idea of friends for Canada Day and we will do a UTube video and send it out to get some publicity.

All of this stemming from Dave and I looking at what we really want in life. What really lights us up. What calls us into action.

It is great to have a powerful why. I am not sure we will be accepted as a Safe Baby Home but even if we are not, we will have found out things about what we can do that we may never be able to find out any other way.

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