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Preparing for the Journey

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Today is March 10. My Dad just turned 80 two days ago. I also found out that my cousin Ian, who has not lived in the same province as me for approximately 20 or more years is going to retire as far away from me as a person can get and still be in Canada. Prince Edward Island. And one of the reasons would be . . . you guessed it . . . MONEY!

Lots of his wife’s family is out there too but it intrigues me to think that money can control so many things.

Do we think that we are controlling our own lives? Is it all just a mystery?

The Landmark Forum is in full swing in our little city of Victoria. The completion of it is on Tuesday. A place were people get access to being in control of your own life.

What a gift.

If you would like to find out more about the Landmark Forum. Go to www.landmarkeducation.com and go to the online introduction to find out a little bit about it.

I have what seems to be a head cold. Mostly a cough and a runny nose. I haven’t had anything like this for almost a year. I do lots of metaphysical energy work and I have looked into the “reasons” I may be experiencing these symptoms now.

I am about to transform myself into something unrecognizable to myself. And I make up that all the cells in my body are quickly finding their new home. I just wish I could sleep while they are doing it.

Just an aside, remember that it is your own early warning system that you are stuck in a story if you have lost your sense of humour. Take the red pill and call me in the morning ; )

Dar Archibald

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