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Not just another day . . .

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I had my review with my boss and friend Tracy on Tuesday and both of us came to the conclusion that the new position that I was in was a little bit premature. MoneyMinding is growing at incredible speed and there are many structures that needed to be put in place. And we set up a few structures and what we found out from the work we did in the last 28 days was what was missing. Which is a great thing to know. Often you can’t really see what you need until you see what you don’t need. I love being helpful in that way.

So, for now, I am free to focus on my other new company, the Debt Free Project. I had been really excited about this company and because I was working with Tracy I was getting a little frustrated that I wasn’t able to focus all my time on it. I am still a Mum and have a house to run too. I have been able to fit in many conversations with people about theDebt Free Project and many are curious and others are interested. I have begun using the software called the Money Merge Account from United First Financial myself. I have been blown away by the quality of customer support this company provides. Toll-free calls to the company anytime I have a question from 8 am - 9 pm here on the West Coast. I even got a call from them following up on my customer survey and they wanted to know if I had all of my questions answered. Is that impressive or what?
One thing I am noticing about myself is that I am struggling with the discomfort of being invited into the inner workings of peoples lives. I am entrusted with their personal information. We are having conversations about what is working and what is not working. Things that some of us never allow ourselves to get present to.

The thing I like the most is fulfilling on my intention; To have peace of mind be present or if not present, then they at least for them to get a glimpse of what is possible and that they can really see it, before I leave. The discomfort is only before I talk to my clients. When I actually get into the conversation all of the concerns just disappear and it is just me and them and what they want in life. How are we going to get there? I have so many tools in my own tool box to help my clients uncover what their true desire in life is.
I really do love people. And if I had a magic wand I would tap everyone on their shoulder and have them see a possible future. I wouldn’t want to just let everyone have that future. That removes the wanting. And isn’t the wanting part of the fun?

For today, my thought is to turn on your WANTERS. See what you could, if you let yourself, really want in life. What would it be? I can see that if I let myself really want in life I would get what I dream about. And what I dream about is a huge house. Where we all fit. Where each of us has our own space and then we would also be a foster home for emergency placement. Anytime of the day or night.
My future involves the house of my dreams. And what actions we are taking to fulfill on this is we are looking at what could that look like. Does it look like renovating this house? Does it look like moving to another house? Do we keep this one and rent it out? Or do we sell this one? If we renovate, where do we live while the renovations are happening? Who will rent to 6 people with two dogs in a city where the rental availability is around 1%.

Maybe we could buy another building with some other people, we could live in it and pay the mortgage while we live there for 2-3 months and then we rent it out to other people when we move back to our dream home. What I am doing is just taking the next step. I went to the Municipality today to get the plans from when my house was built. Next step is to find out where the septic field is. And then from there we will connect with a designer.
It is all inside of the conversation for possibility. Today was the first day in a long time that I noticed when I woke up that I felt totally peaceful. Imagine with all of these choices and decisions to make I was at Ease and Peaceful. It is the possibility I am inventing for myself and my life this week. And it really looks like the possibility of Being 007.

I love possibilities that make me smile. Big smiles. And this one does just that!
I am getting used to blogging now too. I do wonder how many people read my blog. And then I wonder if I really want to know. I am just sharing myself and what is going on in my life here. With the intention of making a difference in someone’s life. Hey, it could even be me!

I guess if I advertised my blog more, then more people would read it.

How would I feel about that? Would I want to clean it up? Change anything? Try to make myself look good?

Maybe, but it takes so much effort to pretend you are someone or something that you are not, it really doesn’t seem worth it. Here I am. Take it of leave it.

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