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If you look . . . you can see miracles all around

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Today is three days before Christmas 2008. We are having our first white Christmas. At least since I have been an adult. This if the first white Christmas I can ever remember.

Cynthia and I have completed our 3 day mandatory Foster Parent Training and we clearly know what is required of us as Foster Parents. Now to get Dave and Justin to take the training too. And we also need to send in all of our Criminal Record Checks. All adults that will be in contact with any ministry children must have one.

So that ball is rolling. And then the other issue is space. So we are renovating our house. Enough room for all of us and for as many as may need us.

That is where the miracles are happening. I met my neighbours husband at Halloween and he does rock and stone work. He showed me some of his work and it is really nice. So I want him to do the stone wall outside and the custom shower in our room. And possibly the entrance if we get it done in stone too.

And I have another friend who is a finishing carpenter. He has purchased a large parcel of land and needs to develop it and so he wont be able to manage my renovation at this time so knowing that had me ask other people. Then I bumped into my girlfriends husband in Walmart and he told me that he could have his guys do the work and he would oversee the job at a fraction of the price. So that means I may be able to get all of what I want. And then I talked to my neighbour who has done work on my house before and is, at the moment, renovating the house next door to his that he just purchased. He said he was thinking of quitting his job. And I said, “Oh, isnt that perfect timing.”

So I am just so thrilled that life is lining up for us. We are awaiting the finances getting completed and then we will be able to go ahead and finalize the team that will be building the renovation. I am excited to have people that I know working on our house. It makes it feel like a community project. I dont know how it will all work out. All I know is that I keep taking one step and then another and gradually it is all coming together.

Thats it for today

11:46 pm, Monday night

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