Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time flies.

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So I got what I wanted . . . almost. We renovated our home to be Foster Parents to infants withdrawing from drugs after being born. But then what we got were two lovely little toddlers. Well the house isn’t quite set up for that, but we managed. And now they are gone and a new little girl is here. Seems like I will never be in the “know”. Always having to find out for myself who these little people are and just what they are capable of.

I love the challenge. And this is what it feels like to accomplish an intended goal. Pretty cool. A few years ago I would have told you that it was just a dream to have a renovated home and little kids in my life. But somehow, using every skill I have acquired over the years and a great leap of faith, it has all occurred.

Now to get the house finished. We were a little short on money near the end so we haven’t gotten the shelves up yet. Do you know how important shelves are? Well if you don’t have them, the things in boxes tend to stay in boxes. The next time I write on here I hope it is to say that all the shelves are up.

March 2010

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