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In birthing the word transition usually means a time when we are moving from the body preparing for the birth of a baby to the actual event of having the baby travel the tunnel that has it arrive into the outside world. This transition event often comes with the knashing of teeth and words of strength we could say; sometimes tears and vomiting.
It is at this event that the world changes. The birthing parents become Mum & Dad. And join the world of parents that before that time they could only imagine what it was like.

Well at this point in time I feel like I am in transition. Not the birthing kind but that maybe true also. I have been tidying the house. Albeit a futile job as construction was still occuring and it feels like nesting.

All in preparation for a new way of life. With a home a size that accommodates us all and room for others to come and join us. I am scared and excited all at the same time.

The house is almost finished. There are a few more window boxes to go in and some closet organizers and a few walls to be finished. The office to be painted.

But really the bedrooms are almost done and there is hot and cold water and the bathroom sinks are all installed. The showers work but they don’t have doors on them yet. And the bathtubs work. Just a bar sink upstairs and a laundry room sink to go. And we are still waiting on our toilets from Home Depot. A great deal but a long wait. We have one old one still hooked up so that we can be civil and not pee in a bucket.

There is drywall dust on the newly painted walls because the shop vac spit out dust all over the upstairs. I am reluctant to wet the walls as it will make more of a mess. So I am planning on Swiffering them first and then vacuuming and then a damp rag on the walls. That should do the trick.

I am a little crabby, which fits with the stage I am in. I am looking forward to next month when this will all seem like it is in the past.

Thanks for following me on this journey. Sorry I wasn’t as talkative as I could have been. Journaling is fun but I didn’t take the time for it.

There has only been three nights where it was so cold in the tent that I had to sleep with a light blanket over my head to temper the cold air I was breathing in.

Mostly the tent has been nice and toasty warm. And I love my potty. (no civility in the camp)

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