Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hot day and still many things accomplished. . .

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Today was close to 33 degrees. That is pretty hot. And yet I got a whole lot done.

I needed to fast for a few blood tests. And I dreamt all night long that I accidently kept putting food in my mouth so I wouldn’t be able to take the test. I even had the experience of food in my mouth. It was very weird.

Anyway, I got to the lab without having eaten anything. I tried to stay in bed until I had to leave and I passed on feeding the baby to my helpers so I wouldn’t inadvertently eat some baby food or baby biscuits as I have been known to do.

Then I took my Dad to his doctor appointment and we went to the Dutch bakery. And I saw two people that I knew. One that I recognized and the other was the father of my brothers old girlfriend. My brother has been dead for 21 years. And this man’s granddaughter is 21 years old. I do believe that she is my brothers child. But the rest of the family doesn’t share my belief.

So lucky me, I am going to call him and get her number and maybe we can reconnect. She is the only real 1st cousin my kids have and they have met her before. I have the pictures and they got along great. It will be neat to see them together again.

I don’t need to share the long list of accomplishments but it is enough to say that I was more productive today than I have been in a long while.

Note to self: Connect back with Dad’s receptionist. She is due to have a baby and has a high mortgage rate. I told her about the Money Merge Account. Would be good to do some follow up. Not a strong point for me yet but one I would like to improve on.

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