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Injuries Sidetracking My Direction

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I haven’t been tending to my blog. I was feeling like I should write something. And life was in this “waiting” mode.

I was notified of a Orientation to FosterParenting at the End of September. And I confirmed that 3 of us would attend it. So that is done.

We, Dave and I, have a commitment to take the family on Vacation this year. There are a few things in the way of that. Such as Passports. The children need Passports. Our original date was for October 15th. So far we have gotten the Passport pictures taken.

Dave got Critical Illness Insurance with a Return On Premium. Which means he will get back ALL of the premiums he pays BACK after 15 years if he doesn’t ever have to use his policy. Kind of like an enforced savings plan. And he has Term 10 until he is 49 that is really cheap. He is the top level of insurability.

And we are getting our finances in order so that we can renovate our house. At the very least we will replace all the windows and doors. And all of the appliances. And get a new bathtub. And if we go for the full renovation, which we would like, we will add a second storey to the house.

Now is the time to look for alternate ways to bring in money. I am an Advisor with MoneyMinding and I am investigating money management programs to track and guide my clients with their finances.

So far I have chosen Quicken. I will give my opinion of this program in a latter addition to my blog.

The injury I speak of is the 4 stitches I got on my nose. The bruised and sore knees and the sore arms that are the result of a fall on September 2 at the Bay Centre mall. It seems interesting to me that when I take steps to get what I want in life that these sorts of sidetracking events occur.

I did get to experience myself as a trooper once again. This time I got my stitches in with no freezing. The Doctor even clipped bits of skin off that didn’t quite fit together. All was well. Then my next experience of being a trooper was when I removed my own stitches. I took them out on Saturday. I was really supposed to wait until Sunday but I had my reasons and removed them and felt much better.

Now while still recovering I am back on track with my investigations into cashflow increasing options. I am using the Freedom Rocks software to learn how it works with trading on the foreign exchange markets.

I went to the MoneyMinding Mix and Mingle and enjoyed the company of other like minded people. I also got to hear what is happening with Real Estate in Victoria from Tony Joe. One thing I realized about myself is I am not naturally a Mingler. It is something that I have to encourage myself to do. I will think of something that will be a great structure for me to Mingle. One where it just happens regularly and I don’t even have to think about it.

Another phase is having a big bin in our driveway to facilitate removal of old stuff that we don’t need anymore. It arrived this morning.
So many things to do. And I am creating a future that looks like Being Relaxed, Inquisitive & Creative.

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